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ownerPeter Stuge
last changeMon, 29 Nov 2010 12:54:48 +0000 (12:54 +0000)
2010-11-29 markmAdded svn:ignore property. master
2010-11-26 markmValues for a "production" board.
2010-11-26 markmAdded some file names to svn:ignore
2010-11-26 markmConvert xf86-video-ogd to use oga1lib
2010-11-26 markmConvert the linux framebuffer to use oga1lib
2010-11-26 markmConvert oga1utils to use oga1lib.
2010-11-26 markmCreate a library to access an OGD1
2010-11-26 markmReverse the order of parameters to multi-register macros.
2010-11-26 markmMinor tweaks to VC compiler
2010-11-26 markmConvert BIOS to use magic numbers from register scripts.
2010-11-26 markmImprove usage of register generation scripts.
2010-11-26 markmCorrect typo in module parameter.
2010-11-26 markmRemove the unused includes directory
2010-11-05 markmSplit some HQ code out into a seperate file
2010-11-05 markmCorrect the size of G_TEXT_BUFFER, it had overflowed...
2010-11-05 markmAdd some simple "call-able" graphic operations.
6 years ago master