descriptionDenis' i915tool for X60 native graphics
ownerDenis Carikli
last changeThu, 23 May 2013 13:47:02 +0000 (15:47 +0200)
2013-05-23 Denis 'GNUtoo... New coreboot log master
2013-05-15 Denis 'GNUtoo... 1800/1804(wtm2) -> 50a0/50a4(x60)
2013-05-15 Denis 'GNUtoo... X60: Rename and shrink the Coreboot log.
2013-05-15 Ronald G. Minnichadd missing files.
2013-05-15 Ronald G. MinnichAdd oprom.log from x60
2013-05-15 Ronald G. MinnichStart x60 work
2013-05-14 Ronald G. MinnichThis is the version that created code we're using.
2013-05-06 Ronald G. MinnichBefore changes to update auxcodenotable to use u8
2013-05-06 Ronald G. Minnichupdates for hsw
2013-04-19 Ronald G. MinnichThis is not just broken, probably time for a reset.
2013-04-19 Ronald G. MinnichWorking our way towards getting this thing turned on
2013-04-17 Ronald G. Minnichmoving away from the opcode table.
2013-04-15 Ronald G. MinnichChanges for booting.
2013-04-10 Ronald G. MinnichCreate auxio functions and use them
2013-04-10 Ronald G. Minnichremove more registers we don't seem to need.
2013-04-10 Ronald G. MinnichMerge branch 'master' of
4 years ago gnutoo/master+v2
4 years ago gnutoo/master
4 years ago master